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Just to get this 'community racing yacht design' thing going, the preliminary weight estimate, the OSYD-650 Design Brief and the preliminary hull displacement distribution curve are put up for peer evaluation.
The weight estimate takes into account all the kit and gear that needs to be taken afloat when racing a Mini650 in one of the official class association endorsed events.

If there's one yacht racing class where weight management is important, the mini-650 class is the one. Before an initial set of hull lines are published, we'd like to get agreement on a target design weight when in racing trim. Currently, we're shooting for an all up weight of around 1075 kgs.

The hull displacement distribution curve assumes the above weight when in racing trim and a prismatic coefficient of 0.526.

The OSYD-650 Design Brief has been evaluated by the design team and some additions were made to the original document before publishing it on the internet.

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D-CURVE.PDF  0.5  Based on an assumed weight in racing trim of 1075 kgs, combined with a Lwl of 6.50 meter and a prismatic coefficient of 0.526, this is what the displacement distribution curve could look like. Please note that the displacement curve does not take into account the rudders- and keel displacement. 
POSYDL.PDF  n/a  The wording of the Public Open Source Yacht Design License. All documents, drawings and calculations are published under this license.  n/a yet 
PAYLOAD.PDF  0.51  Our preliminary payload weight estimate of some 348 kgs. With an assumed weight in racing trim of 1075 kgs, this leaves precious little mass for structural engineering. This must be part of the challenge! 
DESIGN_BRIEF.PDF   n/a  This preliminary document describes the goals and priorities of the OSYD-650 design team. Feel free to comment on the information offered. 

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